When a professional career largely exceeds twenty continuous years of activity, it is difficult to summarize it in a few lines, and it is perhaps even more difficult to select from the vast amount of material in the archive what best exemplifies the results achieved.
I’ll try it in these pages…


Short Bio:
I was born in Trieste, a historic commercial harbour in the Northern Adriatic sea, a few miles by boat from Venice.
It was during my university studies (in Bologna and Trieste) that I began to deal with animation, which I was using as a lab technique on my academic research on “motion perception”.
During my studies, and immediately after, I started making advertising and fictional short films for local TV broadcasting networks – with the sole aim of earning some extra money, and working in the traditional, iconic “garage” facility. Soon this collateral activity became a passion, and finally a real professional job.
After starting a small production studio in Vicenza (still near Venice) for a few years, I moved to Milan, where I began to collaborate with some of the most esteemed Italian animation studios of the time, and in particular with the Company led by the legendary director and Filmmaker Bruno Bozzetto.
Subsequently I founded – together with the artist and digital supervisor Isabella Noce, who later became my wife – the animation studio NightFlight Srl – with a branch also in Munich DE, RimLight GmbH – which in over twenty years of full activity has produced, co-produced and created a significant amount of animation for feature films, short films, TV Series and commercials, in collaboration with a small but talented crew of 10-40 people.
Once this phase was concluded, I began to travel the world, settled in Ireland, and continued to work freelance as a director, Story Supervisor and Storyboard artist for some important European and international production companies…