Dear friends and colleagues from the “magical world of animation”,

I will take advantage of this space to collect a series of notes, thoughts, considerations, reflections, stories, examples and, why not, small practical lectures, all around the art and craft of animation.


I can say that I have accumulated a certain amount of experience over the years, and I feel that the time has come for me to pass it on to anyone who is interested. I am thinking in particular of the new generations of young artists – who are now approaching this complex and difficult (and in many ways ruthless) world that is the animation industry – full of hope, imagination, enthusiasm and great, great talent.

I do not want to place limits on the topics I will discuss in these pages right now. I will deal – always from my strictly personal point of view – with everything that I think may be of interest to a professional or even simply passionate audience: from more theoretical and philosophical considerations on our art to the actual tools of trade, from the history of our profession and industry to the most up to date and pressing current topics, from Cels & Punched Paper to Artificial Intelligence.

Well, I will collect all this material in the form of a blog, so anyone who wants can talk to me, exchange opinions, doubts, criticisms, questions, information. In the hope that my modest contribution can be useful and supportive to those who practice professionally – or look with passionate curiosity at – this little magical hell of a world.


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