In these pages I have collected a showcase of my current works in the role of storyboard artist, storyboard supervisor, director, producer and illustrator – and also some of my past ones, still created with my old studio, NightFlight Srl and its talented team…


«It was the time of 35mm reels, moviolas, cells, paper and col-erase pencils, drawing discs, buzzing electric sharpeners, ¾ U-Matic cassettes… and those clumsy grey phones ringing on the desks.
Pretty soon digital technology would dominate the industry: I could follow the developments of this technical and artistic revolution step by step, from its earliest times.

With time and experience, I developed a fully equipped Studio, which allowed me, together with a fantastic team, to create an efficient and perfectly integrated pipeline, initially focused on traditional animation (2D), later also on digital – paperless and 3D animation.
From the initial production, based on legendary CAS ANIMO software, we then evolved with the full integration of 3D animation (from the early Wavefront to the latest Maya releases), and implementing ToonBoom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, TV Paint, Blender, as well as Final Cut, After Effect, Final Draft, to name but a few. We even carried out several projects on 3D stereo, as soon the technique became available.

Our productions have been extended to all areas of animated films, special effects and TV series. Therefore my experience and my artistic and directing skills are extended in every technical and creative department and are based on a complete knowledge of the process and decades-long practice in the field, literally from script to screen”.»