In addition to having directed the productions of my former Studio NightFlight Srl, I have collaborated as a director on various TV and streaming productions and series…

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“Julio Bunny”
Season 1 – TV Series 52X12 – Digital 2D animation
RAI Fiction – ZodiakActive – AGOGO – NightFlight

“Io più te fa noi”
Video Clip 4′ – Trad. animation + 3D CGI
RAI – Antoniano – Zecchino d’oro

“Astro Ècole”
Short film – 3d CGI
TF1 – TFOU France

“Le avventure di Cibì”
TV Series 12X6 – Digital 2D animation (Harmony)
CIBIEMME – Maga Animation SpA

Trailer – TV series Project – Trad. animation + 3D CGI
NightFlight Animation Studio

“Olga the Little Cloud”
Pilot Episode – TV Series Project – Digital 2D
Nicoletta Costa & Associates – AGOGO Beijing