I consider it a great privilege to be able to boast a long and deep personal friendship with one of the most appreciated and published illustrators and writers for children in Italy and abroad: Mrs. Nicoletta Costa.

In addition to being born in the same city in the same year, we attended primary schools and all our early years of education together.

Subsequently, everyone went their own way, but we never interrupted our friendship and artistic harmony. After several years this friendship was further consolidated, creating the basis for a series of artistic and professional collaborations in the field of animation, with the creation of short films, original stories and television series.

In these pages I want to pay homage to her immense talent by collecting some of these unforgettable, wonderful collaborations.

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Julio Bunny

“Julio Bunny”
Season 1 – TV Series 52X12 – Digital 2D animation
RAI Fiction – ZodiakActive – AGOGO – NightFlight
Direction (All Episodes): Mario Moraro